What are facials?

Your skin takes a lot of abuse, which is precisely why it deserves special care and attention. Facials include different procedures and treatments that help rejuvenate, rebalance, rehydrate, desensitize or correct skin problems. While these services are often offered by beauty salons, they are also common in spa treatment centers.

What skin problems can facials address?

What are the different types of facials?

There are a variety of facials that do different things for your skin. These may include exfoliation, facial massages and masks, cream and lotion application, extraction, facial steaming and peels. Depending on what type of skin problem you are experiencing, your facial may include a combination of any of these procedures. A skin consultation should be performed before any facial, to determine what type of skin you have (whether sensitive or not), what are your skin concerns, what products/procedures will be used and after care.